Memorial Bosque


William 'Billy' Stratton (Ball State University), closing birch tree deals.

William ‘Billy’ Stratton (Ball State University), graduate landscape architecture summer intern, closing birch tree deals.

William ‘Billy’ Stratton, TFI’s landscape architecture graduate design intern from Ball State University, designed and installed a memorial “bosque” in August 2015 to be located on a natural overlook of Bailey Pond at Tryon Farm. A “bosque” is a landscape design featuring a grove of trees ordered geometrically in an orthogonal pattern.

The Tryon Memorial Bosque is the new home to the David Coldren Memorial Bench — a donated memorial installed several years ago in honor of the late Tryon ‘Pond Settlement’ resident and former TFI President.

>> click here to view the Memorial Bosque Design <<

The newly relocated bench serves as the focal point of the design, surrounded below by an offset linear slate strip paver plaza that will allow natural meadow grasses and flowers to grow back in between the pavers and blend back into the landscape. A series of white ‘paperbark birch’ trees will be installed in the Fall in the orthogonal bosque pattern, along with 2-3 native white pines on the outside of the bosque, shading the site and creating a small grove on the southern “point” of Bailey Pond.

In addition to designing the plan, Billy relocated the memorial bench, procured all the materials, and installed the pavers including appropriate sand and gravel base. TFI was honored to fund this project and establish a beautiful respite on the Pond for all to enjoy. The Bailey Pond parcel including, the adjacent 3-acre wooded wetland to the west, were donated by the Noonan Family to TFI two years ago.

Please visit and enjoy this new feature, and look forward to the trees coming in a couple of months. The Memorial Bosque is located at the end of the TFI Interpretative Prairie Trail, which begins at the intersection where Tryon Farm Lane meets the lane to the Woods Settlement.

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Tryon Farm Institute, Inc. (TFI) is an Indiana chartered non-profit land trust and education organization with a mission to connect human and natural communities by promoting habitat diversity and sustainable land husbandry.


  1. Judy Stanton

    Very cool!

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  3. Robin Johnson

    Memorial Bosque sounds lovely. May I bring my architecture students to see it?

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