Special Project Guidelines

Tryon Farm Institute
adopted August 26, 2012

Tryon Farm Insitute Special Projects are an important component of the organization, helping to fulfill its mission while encouraging Members, donors, and others to participate in the organization through niche projects with specific appeal to individuals or groups of participants.

All Special Projects should demonstrate compatibility with TFI’s mission, provide recognizable benefits to the Institute and the greater public community, and should be implemented in the highest professional and scholarly manner.

Any approved Special Project shall demonstrate the reasons that TFI participation is sought and deemed valuable. Minimally, this shall be accomplished by identifying and demonstrating how the Project satisfies several key TFI value metrics:

(1) how the Project helps to satisfy the TFI vision, mission + values
(2) how the Project helps increase Member/volunteer/community/donor participation in TFI
(3) how the Project helps and/or promotes the brand/reputation/image of TFI
(4) how the Project increase cash/like-kind/volunteer-hour contributions to TFI
(5) how the project benefits the greater public and/or contributes to public knowledge

The participants/Project Team for any approved Special Project shall agree to provide timely, comprehensive reports to the TFI Board summarizing the continuous documentation of all aspects of the project, including:
– project plans and objectives
– financial/budget information
– scientific data and analysis
– reviews/audits and conclusions
– references including information on additional resources

The Project participants shall agree to make this information available to the public for dissemination through the Institute for the purpose of education and research.

In addition to any financial/resource commitment for the Special Project, the Institute shall agree to endorse, promote and publicize the work of the Project Team participants and recognize and identify the key contributors, including in annual and donor reports, public events, and other promotional and/or scholarly forums as the Board so determines.

TFI Special Projects, when properly documented and supported, offer a synergistic opportunity to expand TFI participation and awareness, support the unique energy and compatible interests of community members, and serve the mission and ideals of the Tryon Farm Institute.

download the guidelines here