About the Institute

Tryon Farm Institute, Inc. (TFI) is an Indiana chartered non-profit land trust and education membership organization with a mission to connect human and natural communities by promoting habitat diversity and sustainable land husbandry.

TFI is located on the homeland of the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi people, a federally-recognized Potawatomi-speaking tribe based in southwestern Michigan and Indiana. We acknowledge their traditional lands, the sacrifices made by their people, and the continuing contributions they make to the life, heritage and culture of Indiana and our region.

TFI is governed by a diverse group of Members – including Governing Members and supporting Friends – comprised of local and regional professionals with diverse backgrounds in the arts, environmental science, land use planning, education and outreach.

TFI currently holds title to 112 acres of Indiana preservation lands, including restored native prairies, wetlands, and woodlands. Additionally TFI maintains the agricultural heritage of Tryon Farm through an active partnership with a neighboring sustainable small-herd dairy farm.

Understand the Institute’s Mission

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Tryon Farm Institute is a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit and as such donations to the organization may be considered charitable giving and deductible under US Tax Law. Consultation with a tax professional is recommended.