Tryon Farm Institute, Inc., is an Indiana chartered not-for-profit corporation, controlled by its Governing Members. The Governing Members are the core advocates and advisers for the Institute. TFI Members meet annually in October to elect new Governing Members and to appoint a designated group of the Governing Members to the organization’s governing Board of Directors for the following year.

TFI Governing Members
Marty Balogh (pre-’07) (D)
Ray Ginsburg (pre-’07)
Judith Tennent-Brown (’07)
Kathy Dennis (’07)
Scott Kuchta (’11) (D)
Hilary Eppley (’12)
Claudia Geise (’12) (D)
Laurel Rundle (’13)
Jill Fekete (’14)
Kristina Isabelle (’15)
Betsy Elsaesser (’15)
Robin Eisen (’16)
Tim Kominiarek (’16) (D)
Sean Tomlins (’16) (D)
Joanne Day (’16)
Ellen Waite-Franzen Day (’18)

In Memoriam
David Coldren
Tom Forman

(D) denotes current Directors of the Board
(‘##) denotes year first accepted as Governing Member