As an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Tryon Farm Institute depends on the generosity of community donors in order to meet its financial obligations.

Bonus!  Your donation may be a charitable tax-deductible contribution under 501(c)(3) Federal tax law.

Your support helps us do a lot of great work!
While a great majority of TFI efforts are performed on a volunteer basis, including many education and outreach initiatives, we need to fund basic administrative and land management costs that can’t be met by volunteerism alone.  From restoration and preservation of native habitats to unique outreach and education programming, TFI needs your support to fulfill its Mission to preserve natural areas for generations and promote the benefits of human lives meaningfully connected with nature.
There are 3 ways you can make a donation:

#1 Become a Friend of the Institute!
Become an annual member (known as a “Friend”) —- available for students, individuals and families.  Your Friendship grants you access to TFI’s 55+ acres of nature preserves and recreational trails for your year-round enjoyment.

The easiest way to become a friend is to sign up on our Mightycause page:
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#2  Donate online today
Make a secure donation of any amount at any time via our PayPal account:
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#3  the old fashioned way
We’re also happy to take your donation via check through the mail!

Please remit to:
Tryon Farm  Institute
88 Tryon Farm Lane
Michigan City, Indiana 46360