Spring prairie burn

burn2.jpg2017 Spring Prairie Burn
Thrs March 9, 2017 

Thursday March 9, 2017
All day activitiy
(subject to change due to weather)

Tryon Farm
1500 Tryon Road, Michigan City, Indiana

burn notice_2017-springAREA.jpg~5 acre prairie and grassland field located at approximately 200 Eastwood Road, nearest the intersection of Tryon and Eastwood Roads.

(219) 851-3542

This is a public notice.
Tryon Farm Institute, Inc., will be conducting a prescribed, controlled field burn for the purpose of native landscape management on its agricultural farm property.

This operation will be administered by professional land managers under the direction of an Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) trained burn plan on a total area of approximately 5 acres, nearest the intersections of Tryon and Eastwood Roads, or 200 Eastwood Road, Michigan City.

A copy of the burn plan is viewable and downloadable here: Tryon 2017 BP

Fire is as natural a force as wind, water, drought, floods, blizzards. Before Europeans settled in North America, fires regularly occurred naturally due to lightning strikes. Deliberately set fires were an important tool of Native Americans who used fires to hunt, improve visibility, protect themselves and their villages from wildfires, make traveling through the tallgrass prairie easier, and for many other reasons.

Recently, biologists have realized the benefits of fire in natural areas. Today we understand that our ecosystems and the plants within them evolved with fire, and many species are dependent on fire to maintain the habitat in which they live.

More info at reconnectwithnature.org

Prescribed burns have the capacity to generate smoke and other particulates which could affect air quality in immediately surrounding areas.  All best-practice efforts will be utilized to reduce these impacts.  Those with asthma or other respiratory conditions should avoid exposure to the area.

About TryonFarmInstitute

Tryon Farm Institute, Inc. (TFI) is an Indiana chartered non-profit land trust and education organization with a mission to connect human and natural communities by promoting habitat diversity and sustainable land husbandry.

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