Tryon Farm Institute, Inc., is an Indiana chartered not-for-profit corporation, controlled by its Members. The Members are core advocates and advisors for the Institute. TFI Members meet annually in October to elect new Members and to appoint a select group of Members to the organization’s governing Board of Directors.

TFI Members
Marty Balogh*
Caroline Boneham*
Karl Dennis
Kathy Dennis
Hilary Eppley
Colin Forman
Claudia Geise*
Chris Graham
Ray Ginsburg
Brian Hammersley
Paula Hardin
Suzanne Kraus
Michele Kruegel
Scott Kuchta*
Margaret Meiser
Nicole Messacar
Steven Messamer*
Melinda Metzger
Don Moon
Jodi Moon
Stacy Price
Laurel Rundle
Colin Tennent-Brown
Judith Tennent-Brown*
Jim Ulrich

In Memoriam
David Coldren
Tom Forman

*denotes current Board Directors